Friday, February 27, 2009

Lunch On the Coast of Sanibel Island

Brown Pelicans

These were immature brown pelicans fishing for their lunch. As soon as they spotted a fish, and did their awkward dive, the sea gulls flew all around them trying to steal lunch for themselves. They were putting on quite a show, as were the Royal Terns with their diving.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Big Love for Tiny Dog

Once again I post my tiny, Great Grand Dog. This time it is to wish you and yours a 'Happy Valentine's Day'.

Katy is such a cute little pup. But, that's not all...she has the most wonderful personality that has won all of our hearts. Katy was a Christmas Gift to my Grand Daughter by her husband, over two years ago.

Of course, Grand Daughter took her immediately to show her Mom & Dad. They instantly fell in love with Katy and since she was such a tiny tea cup Yorkie, they nicknamed her 'Katy Bug', which has become her name now.

For those who don't know; my Daughter was diagnosed with Breast Cancer six years ago. She has had several recurrences over that period of time. On Katy Bug's first visit to meet my daughter, she climbed in her lap and stayed there. On the next several visits, she would do the same or lay right beside her. Very quickly it became obvious to Grand Daughter that Miss Katy Bug would rather stay right there. :-) So, even though she loves Katy, she loves her Mother even more, so that is where Katy Bug lives. She stays right by my Daughter's side, even goes to doctor appointments, treatments or wherever Daughter might be. That is what I call a real 'Valentine'. :-)